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STARLIMS Utilities

STARLIMS Utilities is a set of tools designed to increase the productivity of STARLIMS developers.
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  • STARLIMS Import Conflicts Viewer - shows the differences between items in a STARLIMS package and the ones in a STARLISM dictionary (items compare status, item differences); it's meant to be used before importing a package into a dictionary. It allows the developers to take decisions on which items to import and which to manually merge
  • STARLIMS Dictionary Differences Viewer - shows the differences between items in 2 STARLIMS dictionaries; it's meant to be used when synchronizing dictionaries to identify what needs to be updated and how

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Change log:


  • Added support for R2 STARLIMS application servers (unicode data types in the dictionary)


  • Added support for external diff viewer. Set the "external_viewer" config value to the command to be run. The config file ("STARLIMSUtils.cfg") is located in the installation folder. (Example: to run Beyond Compare, set the command to '"c:\program files\beyond compare 2\bc2.exe" %(source)s %(destination)s')


  • Initial release

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